Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Şakirin Mosque - Üsküdar

Today's photo trek is taking us to Şakirin Mosque, a Contemporary mosque in Istanbul, Turkey. The building is located at one of the entrances of Karacaahmet Cemetery in Üsküdar.

This mosque is unique with its modern design. For the foreign and local visitors, this mosque offers a different perspective. It is, in a sense, a mixture of old Islamic art of calligraphy and modern design of metal and glass. It is on the Asian side and way off of the beaten path, but not very easy to get to without a car.   From Kadikoy which is a boat ride distance from Eminonu, taxi should not cost more than 15-20 Lira.  You can also take a bus  from Üsküdar or from Kadiköy to Altunizade.

Let's review some of its history.  The Şakirin Mosque was built by the Semiha Şakir Foundation in memory of İbrahim Şakir and Semiha Şakir and opened on 7 May 2009. According to newspaper reports, it is the most modern mosque in Turkey.

The mosque's architect was Hüsrev Tayla, known for his work on Kocatepe Mosque in Ankara and for his architectural conservation work. Its interior designer was Zeynep Fadıllıoğlu, a great-niece of Semiha Şakir, and also according to newspaper reports, the first female interior designer of a mosque, as well as the first woman to design a mosque in modern Turkey.

Construction of the mosque took 4 years. It is 10,000 square meters in area. It has two minarets, each 35 meters high, and a dome of aluminum composite.




The large windows on three sides of the prayer hall were designed by Orhan Koçan.

The calligraphy on the interior of the dome was written by Semih İrteş.

The minbar is acrylic and was designed by Tayfun Erdoğmuş. Decorative motifs are derived from Seljuk art.

  The large, asymmetrical chandelier has waterdrop-shaped glass globes made by Nahide Büyükkaymakçı, "reflecting a prayer that Allah's light should fall on worshipers like rain," and the women's section is designed especially to allow female worshipers to have a clear view of the chandelier.




The fountain in the courtyard was designed by William Pye. The mosque is built over a parking garage and also includes an exhibition area

Today it was a rainning morning and I couldn't see the mosque in all its explendor none the less it was a beautiful view.  I think it is worth seeing it ilumimated at night.  İt is worth to see all the candles and lights shinning in duome ir even fountain.  İ guess it will have to be next time.

 Meantime I hope you enjoy the views!

Soreya Reyes

Twitter:  @street_photos_

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