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Galata Tower - Galata Kulesi and sorrowndings

This trek is dedicated to Galata Tower (Galata Kulesi) and its sorrowndings. Although the pictures shown  are not from an only one day trek but a collection of pictures taken over several visits to the district of Beyoğlu.   This trek will take  two hours and you will be able to see part of the Beyoğlu neighborhood,  visit the tower itself  and among all enjoy the views.

Life at Beyoğlu sorrownding Galata Tower.

No matter how many times I look at this tower there is always something about it that catches my attention.  Light according to the day you will find it different and because of it gets even more interesting.  That's why I prefer to show you different visions of the same Galata Tower in different days.  The pictures are taken with the same camera with two different lens and by the same  photographer, me.
View of Galata Tower from ferry to Karaköy.
To get to Galata Tower you can either walk up the hill from Karaköy iskelesi that will take you 10 min. to the top and you would be able to see the different graffiti painted on your way up to the hill. The way is full of stores that sell electronic devices, anthenes and musical instruments. You can also find typical turistic artcraft such as turkish bath clothing and soaps, ceramics, lamps and such.

 Graffiti on your way to the top of Galata hill.

 Graffiti on your way to the top of Galata hill.
Graffiti on your way to the top of Galata hill.
The other way to get to Galata tower is taking the railway that goes thru the tunnel from Karakoy to Pera. The Tünel is a short underground railway line with two stations, connecting the quarters of Karaköy and Beyoğlu. 

The Tünel railway.

You can find the Tünel one block up the Karakoy Iskelesi (ferry station).  This railway will take 2 minutes to get you to the top and from there you will have to turn right on the first street and walk down the hill.  You are not going to be able to see Galata Tower until you are almost in front of it. 

Walking to Galata Tower after taking the railway.
Stores sorrownding Galata Tower.
Walking to Galata Tower after taking the Tünel funicular railway.
The fist time I went up it started to rain and my visit was over in only 15 minutes  just enough to see the 360 degree view of Istanbul and the Golden Horn. No matter how short it was it was worth it. Magnificent view of the city with a grey sky, watching the storm coming up and shadowing the city.

View of Galta Tower from Eminönu. 

The tower

The name Galata is thought to be derived from the Grek word "gala" meaning milk, and commemorates a milk market that once stood on the site. The area immediately around Galata Tower is called Kuledibi, meaning literally "the bottom of the tower".

 Top of Galata Tower a distinctive witch's hat roof.

 İt was the Byzantine Emperor Justinian who erected a tower on this site in 528, but it was the Genoese who started work on the hefty tower that currenly stands here in 1348-49. At that time what was called the Tower of Christ formed part of the walls of what was effectively a separate town facing Constantinople across the Bosphorus.
  Galata Tower.
The nine-story tower is 66.90 meters tall (62.59 m without the ornament on top, 51.65 m at the observation deck), and was the city's tallest structure when it was built. The elevation at ground level is 35 meters above sea-level. The tower has an external diameter of 16.45 meters at the base, an 8.95 meters diameter inside, and walls that are 3.75 meters thick.
Galata Tower at blue hour.

During the reign of Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent (1494-1566) the tower served as a prision. Later it accommodated members of the Mehter, the Ottoman military band, while in the second half of the 20th century it was used as a lighthouse.   



The exterior

Entrance to Galata Tower.
Entrance door candelabre.
The bottom of the tower a place to encounter and chat.
The fountain.

The interior

Today the 61-meter tall tower houses a restaurant and nightclub which hosts a Turkish show, as well as provides a vantage point from which visitors can obtain a 360 degree magnificent view of İstanbul and the Bosphorus. There are two operating elevators that carry visitors from the lower level to the upper levels.
Galata's tower Elevators and bronce mural
Windows of the Galata Tower.

The hall to the Z floor.
The restaurant at Galata Tower.
Galata Tower Restaurant.

View of Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque.

Suleymaniye Mosque.

 Windows at the upper level restaurant.
360 Degree View from Galata Tower

 Bosphorus Bridge.
The Bosphorus and Kadiköy (Asia)

Galata Bridge and the New Mosque.

The new metro bridge.

The golden horn.



I can't take my eyes of you
 On the way down you can find interesting grafitty.

Can't stop looking at you.

View of Galata Tower from ferry from Kadiköy to Karaköy.
From the Ferry to Karaköy İskelesi.
A vision of Galata Tower from Uskudar.
Ferry from Kadiköy to Karaköy.
 View of Galata Tower from Ferry Usküdar to Karaköy.


View of Galata Tower from Ferry from Kadikoy to Karaköy.


View of Galata Tower from Ferry from Kadikoy to Karaköy.

View of Galata Tower from Üsküdar İskelesi.

View of Galata Tower from Üsküdar İskelesi.
View of Galta Tower from Eminönu.

View of Galta Tower from Eminönu. 
 I guess I will never have enough pictures of this tower.  I absolutly love it.   I hope is not too overwhelming.  

Please feel free to comment the blog or explain your experience.  Have you ever been at the restaurant inside the tower at night?  Was it good?.  I have the idea that is just touristic  clientele but the views must be amazing at night so I guess is worth it.
Thanks for your attention and I hope you enjoy this trek!
Soreya Reyes.

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