Friday, December 6, 2013

Mimar Kemalettin Mahallesi Photo Trek

This photo trek will take us to the neighborhood of Mimar Kemalettin Mahesi  (across the street of Grand Bazaar ) where you can find fabrics of leather bags and shoes (among other shops) and will end up at Kunkapı  the fish market where you can find restaurants where you can eat fresh fish.
The trek will take more or less two hours.

The trek begins at the Beyasıt tramway station where you start to walk in direction to the sea thru the pedestrian street Gedikpaşa Caddesi.     

Pedestrian street Gedikpaşa Caddesi
This neighborhood is a place to discover manufacturers and little fabrics that produce bags and shoes that are then sell to the Gran Bazar.   

Fabric of leather shoes

Turkish Coffee

The sea at the end of the road.

Street Leather vendor

Fruit salesman

Pmegranade juice vendor

Hand made cigars

Hand made cigars

 Hagia Kyriake Greek Ortodox Church
Although the old Greek populatıon has completely vanished.  Kumkapı still retains two enormous Greek Orthodox churches, both of them rebuilt in the 19th century.  The Hagia Kyriake Greek Orthodox Church probably dates back to the 16th centry but was completely rebuilt in the neo Byzantine style between 1895 and 1901 by the architect Pericles Fotiades. 
Hagia Kyriake Orthodox Church


Hagia Kyriake Greek Orthodox Church's Altar

İt bowasts one of the largest domes in town, and stands over a sacred spring dedicated to St Basil.  The size of these chuche suggests the great wealth and confidence of the community who uste to live here.

Exit of the Ortodox Church

Old houses

Fish Restaurants


Life in the streets

Restaurants with candels

Kumkapı fish market

Kumpakı is an old Armenian and Greek neighborhood just inside the sea walls between Kadırga and Yenikapi.  İt is best known for the many fish restaurants that spill out into the main square in summer. 
Kumkapı fish market

 İn Byzantine times there was a busy port here as well as a fleet of fishing boats, which was how the tradition of eating fish here originally started.  The area grew in importance in the 17th century when the Armenian Patriarchate moved there form nearby Samatya.

In this area you can eat fresh fish. After a long walk you deserve a good meal. There are all kinds of prices and a lot of options.  The menu will show you the picture of what you are asking so no misunderstandings or lost in translation. 

Enjoy it!

Soreya Reyes

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