Friday, November 15, 2013

Selimiye Camii - Ataşehir

İn this trek we visited Ataşehir neighborhood, a modern residencial area in the Asian side of Istanbul.  There you can find a copy of the Selimiye Mosque in Edirne that is believed to be the Masterpiece of Mimar Sinan, the great Archictect from the Ottoman Empire.  The original building enter the World Heritage List of UNESCO in 2011.

The place can be reached from the european side by ferry to Üsküdar or Kadiköy iskelesi and from there by dolmus of bus to Ataşehir.  This trek lasted two hours and the interesting part of it was to see how the mosque kept the outside structure like the original mosque and how the interior differs by its  modern decoration.

Mosque skyline

This copy of the Selimiye mosque varies a small proportion of 5 percent.  İn 2012 the mosque was opened for worship on the first day of Ramadan.   The Ataşehir project was criticized by people in İstanbul since they belive it to be an imitation of a masterpiece with a populist approach from government and a waist of money. According to some sources 550 million TL was spent for the mosque.


The mosque has a capacity of 12,650 people.   The area is 7 thousand square meters.  The Minaret height is 72 meter  and the dome height is 42 meter.  Its construction lasted only 22 months.
The construction is sorrounded by green area with a city park with the characteristics of Turkish-Islamic garden.
Ceiling entrance

Main door entrance.

Columns decoration

Main duome

The project centrally planned, designed as a half-dome of six fours. Reflecting the characteristics of Ottoman architecture in the project in general terms.   The main dome 27 meters in diameter and 42 meters in height.

Back painting.


The door to paradise.

Domes and Chandeliers.



Stained glass window.

The patio.

Oblation fountain

Tap water.

Windows to the patio.

The trek was interesting but is not an absolutley most one. I have to say I dislike copies and I believe you have to see the real thing but I would only recomend this visit if you also would like to see the modern neighborhood of Ataşehir with skycrappers and the Fenerbaçe sport center.  The area also has a big shopping center where you can find very good restaurants too.

Soreya Reyes

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  1. Gracias Alexandra! I'm glad you enjoy it! I am learning a lot and having fun with it. : )