Monday, October 7, 2013

Çamlıca Photo Trek

This photo trek is an absolutly a must one!   The best views of the old city of Costantinopla are in the Asian side on the top of the hill named Çamlıca.   You can always get to Çamlıca by crossing the bridge or get a ferry to Usküdar and a get a taxi from there.  Thera are wonderful shots from there. Don't miss the opportunity to walk the mountain, drink good tee and enjoy the views.

The historians say that Istanbul was built on seven hills. The most beautiful of them is the Çamlıca Hill. It is the tallest of the seven hills. If the Bosphorus is the necklace of Istanbul then its crown is Çamlıca.

"Big Çamlica Hill is one of the seven hills of Istanbul and is located in Üsküdar, Istanbul at the Asian side.  Çamlica Hill is 268 meters above sea level. On the hill, there are 18 radio and TV towers. The hill is a touristic place. Çamlica Hill is a favorite picnic area in Istanbul. Domestic and foreign tourists are attracted to it. Due to its fascinating beauty, the hill has inspired many writers to compose songs and poems about it." Wikipedia
This is the view of the Bosphorus Bridge at 15:00 pm plenty of traffic either way.  In a clear day you can see the Haiga Sophia and the Blue Mosque as well as many of the ships that are trying to cross the Bosphorus.

Çamlica hill is surrounded by trees and its gardens are full of flowers. You can enjoy a walk thru this place and feel close to nature and get great shots not only from the skyline point of view but also from little details in the gardens, sculptures and people.

 The little girl sculpture is a beauty and it is hardly notice since is on the side of the main garden.  I have been there many times and this is the first time I see it.  You always get attract by the great views of the city and forget about the little details.   

The corridors are carefully decorated with little flowers.  In april you can find tulips all over the place but since is October we will have to wait until next year to get a great shot of them.

At the main plaza, there is one restaurant made by city hall and many cafes.  This is a marbel fountain in the mittle of the cafe that is pretty much a lady's cafe.  At least you get the feeling of it since is plenty of local women drinking tea and chatting. 

Çamlıca Hill which has been always subject to the Turkish cinema, literature and songs. No wonder you can find inspiration all over the place.

Çamlıca was sometimes used by Ottoman rulers as a resting place. Lots of poems and works of literature were written for Çamlıca Hill.  Poets got inspired from this beautiful hill and declared their loves.

This is the view of the Prince Islands from Çamlıca.  I love the ligh candels all over the place, I have never been there at night but it sure is something we should not miss.

Today this hill is used as a picnic area and on the hill bird observation areas have been created. There are playgrounds for kids so Çamlıca is pretty much used during the weekends for Turlish families as a beautiful place to spend time with the family.

There are vendors but not many,  it is a peacefull place.  You can have your skyline picture taken for 5TL. 

I definitely love this place!

Soreya Reyes

Twitter:  @street_photos_

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